In my practice, I’ve represented many victims of motorcycle accidents. Time and time again, I have heard my clients voice the same lamentable, mistaken beliefs about their insurance coverage.

You expect your insurance to cover you. That’s why you have it, right? Unfortunately, I have been in the position of explaining to people that motorcycle insurance is different. Some damages that would be covered if the accident happened while you were driving a car are NOT covered if you are on a motorcycle.

Too many times I have had to tell people that their recovery was limited because of the type and amount of insurance they chose to buy.

This post introduces an eight-part series. I’m going to explain the three fallacies and five most common misconceptions about motorcycle insurance – and hopefully my knowledge will help some motorcyclists before it’s too late.

By the time someone is sitting in my office, it is too late for the secrets I will reveal in my book to do them any good. I have wished many times that I could go back in time and help people choose the right coverage before the accident took place.

I finally got tired of wishing and feeling bad for people, and decided to get off my duff and do something about it. I wrote my book to put this information in people’s hands before they ever have a crash. Now I’m blogging about some of the most important features in my book, to spread this important information in another form.

Check back soon for more posts in this series.

Thanks for reading.

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