Tips for Motorcycle Safety for All Drivers

When drivers take to the highway, they owe each other a duty of care. Driving safely helps to keep everyone out of harm’s way. When it comes to motorcycles, both riders and automobile drivers should be working together to provide a safe roadway environment.

Doing Your Part as a Motorcycle Rider

As a motorcycle rider, there are many different steps you can take to help ensure your safety while on the road. First, you’ll want to start by purchasing the right safety equipment. Always opt for a full-coverage helmet as this design offers an optimal level of protection as opposed to a half shell or going without a helmet. Make sure that your chosen helmet has a DOT sticker indicating that it meets lawful safety standards.

Only get behind the handlebars of a bike that you can adequately control. If you’re having trouble holding the bike up, you need to downgrade to a lighter bike that you have more control over. When choosing a bike, be sure to invest in one that has anti-lock brakes.

To make yourself more visible to other drivers on the roadway, opt for wearing light-colored and reflective clothing. You should ride with your headlight on regardless of whether it’s day or night. Lastly, make sure that you’re driving defensively. Always position yourself where you can be easily seen by other drivers on the roadway.

Doing Your Part as an Automobile Driver

Motorcycle safety on the highway doesn’t just fall on the shoulders of the motorcycle riders. Automobile drivers owe their fellow highway residents a duty of care to watch out for their safety. One of the best actions that automobile drivers can take to enhance the safety of motorcycle drivers on the road is to put down distractions. Your focus should be on the roadway when you’re driving, not on your phone.

The majority of motorcycle fatalities happen when an automobile makes a left-hand turn across traffic. Many say afterwards that they simply didn’t see the motorcycle rider until it was too late. You can protect yourself and riders by always slowing down and looking twice before making any turn across traffic. When turning, always remind yourself that motorcycles share the roadway, and you need to be looking for objects smaller than a car.

When following motorcycles down the road, just as with cars, you should be giving them a good bit of space. Whenever you see a motorcycle traveling on the highway near you, always keep in mind where they are whenever you’re turning or switching lanes. Since motorcycles are much smaller than cars, they can fall within your blind spot more easily.

Enhancing motorcycle safety on the roadway requires a two-pronged approach. Both motorcycle riders and vehicle drivers need to do their part in making the roadway safe for one another to travel on.