Featured Case Study

Car Crash – $945K

Attorney Jim Reed represented a man whose car was rear-ended at high speed by a tractor trailer who failed to see a long line of stopped cars. It was a miracle this man survived the crash as his car was wadded up like an accordion. Initially, his injuries did not seem too severe. No broken bones, no horrible lacerations. He just hurt all over. Over weeks and then months, the soreness he thought would just get better if he “took it easy” just got worse and worse.

Finally the doctors took MRI’s of his neck and back finding herniated disks in both the neck and back. Three surgeries followed and despite extensive physical therapy this fellow was never able to return to the job he had worked at for 15+ years. After several low-ball offers were rejected, he insurance company for the truck finally agreed to pay $945,000 on its $1million dollar policy.