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Extraordinary is the word that comes to mind

when I think of Jim Reed. He goes above and beyond for his clients and makes them feel like their experience really matters. He plays hardball when he needs to and he does whatever he can to make sure his client gets a great result. I really appreciate everything Jim and Karen did for me and I am so grateful. If you are looking for a wonderful attorney, I highly recommend Jim Reed!! From the bottom of my heart, I thank you.”

—Sarah W.

Watkins Glen, NY

Old, but beloved picture of me with my kids

Jim is a lifelong resident of the Finger Lakes region of Upstate NY where he lives with his wife and three kids. When he’s not working, Jim can often be found on his bicycle as he is an avid bicycle racer having competed in races all over the country including a 508 mile team race through Death Valley (The Furnace Creek 508) and a 540 mile race through the Cascade Mountains of Oregon (The Race Across Oregon). First and foremost is my family. I am blessed with a wonderful family: My best friend/wife Meg who is an Attorney for the Child representing children in Family Court. For years Meg put her own career on hold as a stay-at-home Mom to our three kids until they flew the nest for college (and now grad school and jobs).

My wife Meg with my daughter and nieces– the September Birthday girls

Below is a picture of me taken July, 2004 that was one of my favorite days of my life. The night before this picture was taken, my 14 year old son and I had pitched a tent in the dark on top of a French Alp called Col de la Madeleine because we planned to watch our hero, Lance Armstrong, race to the top of the mountain the next day in the Tour De France (by now, you know I am a huge bike racing fan, right?). We awoke to the sound of buzzing flies and discovered that we had pitched our tent in the middle of a very well-used (and smelly) cow pasture. Needless to say, we quickly abandoned the field and made friends with a generous German couple who kindly shared their icy cold beer so all was well!!

My Dad was a very hard-working, self-employed plumber who taught by example that there was great value in attention to detail, good manners and a strong work ethic. Because he ran his own business and because of his devotion to his regular customers, my Dad was uneasy being away from home (and his customers) for too long. Because of this, long-distance travel was out of the question. Maybe as a result, I love traveling to distant places and experiencing cultures very different from our own. Like my Dad, in a week to ten days I am itching to get back “home” but I have really enjoyed traveling with my kids over the years. I hope by exposing them to other cultures they will learn what a truly diverse place the world is and they will appreciate just how fortunate we are in the United States. Now that my kids have flown the nest and I am no longer devoting half my waking hours driving to travel soccer games all over the Northeast, I have turned into a passionate woodworker. I have much to learn but I love spending hours working in my workshop restoring old tools, learning new skills and making lots of sawdust!

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Jim Reed

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