Folks frequently ask me if they need representation in their New York Workers’ Compensation case and almost invariably my answer is yes. People tend to think that they have a simple case. What could go wrong? Everything.

In a Workers’ Compensation case, like most injury cases, you’re dealing with insurance companies. Insurance companies don’t make money by writing checks. They make money by denying claims or by paying you as little as possible.

We are frequently told by clients who have attempted to represent themselves that the insurance company was great in the beginning, but when the client’s injury didn’t heal well or the client experienced a consequential injury then the insurance company became considerably less helpful.

At this point, the insurance company will usually send you for an independent medical exam. Don’t let the name fool you – there’s nothing independent about it. The so-called independent medical exam is a paid-for medical opinion and is a pitfall for the unprepared. The insurance company will then use that paid-for opinion of the medical examiner to reduce their liability for your wage and medical benefits.

Don’t go it alone. Please come back for my next installment on Workers’ Compensation in which I have some good news for everybody’s next question, which is what is representation going to cost me.

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Jim Reed
NY and PA Accident & Injury Lawyer