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For Medical Malpractice(Delay in Delivery at Birth)

Attorney Jim Reedrepresented the family of a baby girl who suffered permanent brain damage(cerebral palsy)because the Labor and Delivery nurses left the laboring mother totally unattended for more than 40 minutes which is a direct violation of the nursing standard of care.Tragically,just 40 minutes can make the difference between a healthy baby and a little girl who will never walk,never talk,never feed herself,never have a boyfriend,never get married.

In this case,the Labor and Delivery nurses hooked the Mom up to an electronic fetal monitor and then left the Mom unattended for 40+minutes.Unfortunately,fetal monitors are absolutely no good if no one is there to read the results.

That's why the standard of care for labor and delivery nurses requires nurses to review the monitor strips for the first 20 minutes that the mother is placed on the monitor.If all is OK after 20 minutes,the Mom can then be left unattended for short periods of time.If the strips are not OK,then the nurse is trained to immediately intervene and summon a doctor if necessary.


  • I would like to personally Thank everyone at the Ziff Law Firm, especially Karen Wheadon for all that they have done for me regarding an injury that I sustained during a motor vehicle accident. Karen and Jim were very understanding and thoughtful when it came to my needs. When I needed answers, Karen always found time to answer the call. Mr. Reed is a very knowledgeable person when it comes to injury claims. Without this amazing team I would have been lost, when an injury is sustained and you feel like there is no one there to help you, you don't know where to turn. I was fortunate enough to find this team who was willing to do what it took to help guide me through this process. I can't begin to thank them enough for the hard work, long hours and dedication that they put into my case. I would be more than happy to refer anyone whom I know to this law firm, knowing that they would put as much dedication into the next case as they did mine.

    Frank Rugiero, Elmira, NY

  • My sister in law and I were involved in a fatal motor vehicle accident approximtely 1 1/2 years ago. We were broken physically and emotionally. A friend recommended Ziff Law Firm and more specifically Mr. Jim Reed. We hired Mr. Reed and his team and it was the best decision we could have made. Jim Reed is a fantastic attorney. Just as importantly he is a fantastic person. Mr. Reed never promised us the moon. He was careful to advise us of the good and the bad that could happen. Many places will tell you anything to get you as a client. This was not the case with Mr. Reed. I found his approach full of professionalism, kindness and compassion, integrity and patience. We never waited long for an answer to questions we might have and sometimes we got our answer after hours before the weekends start. Just as important, Jim can be a fighter when the time calls for it. Not only did Jim posess these quality's his paralegal Karen Wheadon has them also.
    If you or your family or friends are in NEED of a stellar attorney and staff, look no further than Elmira NY. Jim Reed and the staff of Ziff Law Firm is the place you want on YOUR side.

    Terri O'Rourke, Big Flats, NY

  • Adam was my attorney for an auto accident I had in 2002. From the very first day I met him I was at ease talking with him. He always called me back with-in the day if I called him for any reason. He also had me in on several occasions to discuss my case. I was also very happy with the amount of settlement he was able to get for me. I would like to Thank Adam and the whole firm for the way I was treated during my suite.

    Mitzi Raymond

  • We just have to send you a note to let you know how pleased we are with the outcome of our case. Christina is a very intelligent lady who exudes professionalism. Her compassion and kindness put us at ease from the very early days of her becoming a part of our case. We felt she truly empathized with our dilemma. She not only understood our pain and fears, she lived it with us. (You, and all of the Ziff employees we came in contact with, made us feel you were there for us because you cared).

    Larry and Diane, NY

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