Normally I don’t get involved in politics but now and then when the politics drastically affects the fair compensation our family, friends and clients deserve, it’s time to saddle up.

I would appreciate it if you, or anyone you know could call the # below and just indicate that you want N.J. Governor Corzine to sign a great wrongful death bill that was approved by the Legislature but is stalled on his desk. Without his signature, the bill will die. Why is what happens in N.J. important to us? Because if N.J. approves this drastic improvement to its ancient and horrible wrongful death statute, it will dramatically improve our chances in NY of revising our ancient and horrible wrongful death statute. So it IS important, so please call! Don’t worry, they are not taking your name or any address information when you call—they just want to know that you are asking the Governor to SIGN the bill! BTW, Big Businesses and the Medical Lobby across the US is urging the Governor to not sign the bill so let’s do our part to support the Little Guy—every call counts!

New Jersey’s Wrongful Death Bill, on Governor Corzine’s desk for
several days already after passing the Legislature, is having a
The Governor has, for the very first time, expressed some
reservations about the Bill to its sponsors and supporters.

The importance of this for New Yorkers is immense: should NY be left
with ITs draconian Wrongful Death (Grieving Family) laws as sister
state NJ modernizes, our chances for reform will be greatly

PLEASE take the time to call, and have family friends and staff
call, Gov. CORZINE’s office to urge that he sign the Wrongful Death
Act (A-1511, S-176)into Law.


The number to call is 609/292-6000, please request that Gov. Corzine SIGN the Wrongful Death Act.


Thanks for reading, Jim
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