There was an inaccurate statement in my blog post yesterday “Good News for NY Workers’ Compensation Claimants and Physicians.” In my rush to get that information out, I didn’t read the Board’s release as closely as I should have and I apologize for that. I got an email this afternoon from Joseph Cavalcante, Assistant Director of Public Information for the NYS Workers’ Compensation Board, informing me about my error. I thank Mr. Cavalcante for reading and letting me know about the inaccuracy. 

My statement should be corrected to read “as a measure to deal with that shortage, Mr. Beloten temporarily rescinded the mandate that AUTHORIZED providers IN THE PROVIDER TEMPORARY SHORTAGE AREA file a C-4 form in order to be paid for seeing claimants. With regard to the rest of New York, authorized providers may file the new or older versions of the C-4. Doctors outside provider temporary shortage area are not authorized to submit the CMS-1500 as a result of this subject number.”

In short, only providers in the temporary shortage area are relieved of having to file C-4 forms. However, the good news for any provider statewide is that they have the option of filing the older and easier C-4 form and still have their bills enforced by the Workers’ Compensation Board.

Being in a rush is a pitfall of having a busy practice area such as Workers’ Compensation, but I’m not going to make any excuses and I do apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

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