In spite of coronavirus, and unlike most NY courts that are shut down for 45 days, the NY Workers’ Compensation Board is currently intending to continue handling cases.  You can file and conduct business by email or phone.  Hearings, with the exception of discrimination cases, will be conducted by video or phone.

Although we are no longer accepting new workers’ compensation cases as we now focus our practice solely on injury and malpractice cases, if you need help filing a claim and cannot find another local lawyer currently accepting new clients, you can contact Licensed Workers Compensation Representative Jack Schamel at our firm and he can assist you with the filing or processing of your claim.  You can email Jack at

There may be some delays getting medical examinations done or depositions depending upon the availability of doctors.  If you have any problems it is best to contact us and let us help you through this confusing time.  Things seem to change every day and we are staying on top of those changes to better help you.

If you have a hearing scheduled and need help either setting up for the hearing or a place to take the call, please contact us.  If you call from home, we can conference in to be on the call with you or we can handle the hearing.

Jack is here to help so please don’t hesitate to email him if you need assistance.

Jack Schamel
Licensed NYS Workers Compensation Representative