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The ZiffLaw team was lucky to find Chelsea Speer, who’s been a great addition as Partner Mike Brown’s paralegal. Not many law firms can say they have an experienced paralegal who was inspired to pursue a law career while serving in the Coast Guard.

Chelsea learned on the job at two respected Louisiana law firms after seven years as a Marine Science Technician with the Coast Guard, where she managed oil spill responses.

What prepared her for a legal career? “Part of my role was to memorize the Codes of Federal Regulations (CFRs) as they pertained to navigable waterways in Louisiana. This became one of my favorite parts of my work, learning the laws and finding obscure rules and passages for unique situations.

“I saw the connection between my work and a paralegal career and I knew I wanted to find a position where I could make a positive impact on our clients and in our community. Personal injury was a natural fit for these goals.”

Mike said the ZiffLaw team was lucky to find Chelsea. “Her experience working for top-notch injury firms has allowed her to step in and immediately contribute to our success.”

By hiring a veteran like Chelsea, they knew they were also getting someone who gets the job done regardless of obstacles in her path, Mike said. “The tenacity that allowed her to succeed in the Coast Guard is also what makes her an outstanding paralegal.”

Chelsea has been impressed by her new team’s professionalism and kindness. “I have felt so supported and welcomed since my first day. The work that we do at ZiffLaw matters and it has a significant impact on our clients’ lives.”

Chelsea, a native of Portsmouth, NH, is also happy to be closer to home – and thrilled to be living in her husband’s hometown of Spencer, NY. Chelsea and Justin, who works for Raymond Hadley, are buying and remodeling her father-in-law’s 1800s farmhouse.

They have a 3-year-old son, Cooper, and she has two stepsons, Mike and Gage, and two grandchildren they adore. She loves to cook and spend time outside with her family. Now that she’s back in the Northeast, she’s looking forward to hiking, apple picking and going to fairs.

Oh, and one more thing: “I can’t wait to have fiddleheads again! It’s funny the things you miss when you move away from home.” For those who don’t know, fiddleheads are young ferns harvested as a vegetable.