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Featured Case Study – Featured Case Study – Serious Slip and Fall Injury – $140k

Attorney Mike Brown represented a woman who was injured in January 2015 when she slipped and fell on hidden snow-covered roofing material in a yard in the town of Bath while visiting a family member. The slippery roofing material had been left in the yard for several months prior to the fall.

The client twisted her right leg and heard an audible crack when she fell and had to be transported by ambulance to Guthrie Corning Hospital in East Corning, where she underwent immediate surgery for multiple fractures in her lower right leg.

The client has had extensive physical therapy and still walks with a limp because of her injuries. She struggles when walking down stairs and continues to have pain, stiffness, and discomfort in her right leg and has scarring on her right knee and ankle. The client, who worked as a nanny prior to her fall, was out of work for three months.

The insurance company attempted to blame Mike’s client’s injuries on her own carelessness. However, Mike was able to establish during depositions that the homeowner admittedly failed to keep his property in a safe condition as he was aware the roofing material remained in the yard for over three months and had become snow-covered in the weeks prior to the fall.

The insurance company settled for $140,000 in April 2018, shortly before the trial was scheduled to begin.