Featured Case Study

Negligent Hospital Transport – $2,100,000

Attorney Jim Reed represented the family of a man from Steuben County, NY who died due to being deprived of oxygen during a hospital transport. After a lengthy investigation involving the review of more than 97,000 pages of medical records, the full story of what REALLY happened during the transport finally came out.

It turned out that this patient was being transported to the radiology department by a minimally-trained hospital porter rather than by an appropriately-trained RN or even LPN as required by the applicable standard of care for a patient in his condition. During this transport, one of patient’s IV’s became dislodged. The porter, not knowing any better, mistakenly plugged the IV into a wrong tube causing the patient to be deprived of oxygen.

The patient coded and it was not until late in the resuscitation that the cause of the oxygen deprivation was discovered and corrected. Sadly, the damage was already done and the patient never recovered, ultimately dying from complications several months later.

Attorney Reed retained appropriate experts to analyze and document the malpractice and then worked closely with the family and friends of the decedent to put together a compelling settlement video graphically portraying the huge losses suffered by the family due to the death of their husband and father.

After a first mediation effort failed because the hospital failed to make an acceptable settlement offer, Attorney Reed was finally able to reach an acceptable settlement when the insurance carrier for the hospital substantially increased their settlement offer.