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Motorcycle Crash – $300,000

A 55-year-old motorcyclist out for a relaxing ride on a beautiful fall day in 2015 saw his life change forever in a matter of seconds when a careless driver – apparently making a “Freaky Fast” delivery for the former Jimmy John’s restaurant in Elmira – struck and seriously injured him.

Fortunately, the motorcyclist had Ziff Law Attorney Mike Brown and the Ziff Law team fighting for him during his long recovery, which he greatly appreciated.

“It’s very obvious that Mike enjoys what he does and I could see he really did his homework,” he said. “His no-nonsense approach sent a clear message to the other side that my case would be resolved on our terms. I am so glad he was in my corner. Great job, Mike, and thank you!”

The motorcyclist was riding north on College Avenue, having just passed Roe Avenue, when the 19-year-old driver negligently pulled out of the Jimmy John’s parking lot, failed to yield the right of way and broadsided the motorcycle.

The motorcyclist landed face down on the roadway and his Harley-Davidson motorcycle landed on top of him. He was non-responsive at the scene and transported by ambulance to the nearest trauma center, Robert Packer Hospital in Sayre, PA.

He suffered multiple injuries, including a concussion, multiple complex fractures of his right clavicle that required surgery and multiple body contusions.

Mike’s client, sadly, is no longer able to ride his motorcycle because of his injuries. He has owned a 2008 Harley-Davidson Ultra Classic for about 10 years and he misses the freedom and peacefulness of his long rides.

The motorist was ticketed for Failure to Yield the Right of Way, a violation of state Vehicle and Traffic Law, and was convicted in October 2015. Unfortunately, his driving record showed a history of negligent and dangerous driving, having been convicted of Disobeyed Traffic Device, No Seat Belt, Followed Too Closely and Operation Without a License, all violations.

The Jimmy John’s franchisee was liable for the negligent actions of its employee. The company not only hired a driver with a dangerous driving history, but also encouraged him to meet unrealistic delivery expectations as a result of its “Freaky Fast” pledge.

The insurance carriers paid $300,000 following mediation.