Featured Case Study

Careless Driver Ran Stop Sign – $250,000 Insurance Policy Limits Settlement

Attorney Jim Reed knows what it takes to get his clients every penny they deserve.

Jim represented a local woman who was badly injured when a careless driver ran a stop sign and crashed into his client’s car.

Numerous times, the insurance carrier made settlement offers that were much lower than the careless driver’s insurance coverage limit of $250,000.

Time and time again, Jim rejected those offers and said he would never accept anything but the full policy limits.

Jim’s persistence paid off and the carrier finally agreed to pay his very deserving client the full $250,000 to avoid going to trial.

“After 33 years in this business, I know that insurance carriers don’t pay their full coverage until you convince them that you will kick their butt at trial,” Jim said. “In this case, the carrier knew we had done our homework and they were going to lose big time if this case was ever tried, so the good news is they saw the light and reluctantly paid up.”