Featured Case Study

Car Crash Case, Running a Stop Sign $2.25M

Attorney Jim Reed represented the widow and children of an Elmira man who tragically died as a result of a car crash when a driver ran a stop sign colliding at high speed with our client’s car. Attorney Reed helped the widow with the many issues surrounding her husband’s untimely death: filing insurance claims for the medical and funeral bills, setting up an Estate, and filing a wrongful death lawsuit.

As part of the wrongful death lawsuit, Attorney Reed created a video powerfully demonstrating the huge losses suffered by our deceased client’s family and friends due to his death. Initially the insurance carrier argued that the value of the case was less than $1 Million, but after protracted negotiations and against the prospect of a large jury verdict in the wrongful death lawsuit, the insurance carrier for the negligent driver finally agreed to pay $2.25 Million to settle the case.