Featured Case Study

Car Crash – Serious Injury $155k

Attorney Mike Brown represented a woman who suffered serious injuries on Dec. 6, 2013, when the hood, windshield and roof of her car were struck by a loose tire that fell off another vehicle on state Route 17 (now Interstate 86) near Corning.

The other car had recently been serviced by Goodyear in Corning, where technicians failed to completely tighten the lug nuts on the tire before returning the vehicle to its owner.

As a result of the tire’s impact, Mike’s client suffered severe neck and hand injuries.

The attorney hired by the insurance company argued that the client did not meet the New York State Insurance Law’s Serious Injury Threshold and asked the Court to dismiss her lawsuit.

However, Mike was able to establish that his client suffered permanent and debilitating injuries that limited range of motion in her neck and wrist.

The insurance company settled for $155,000.