James Reed.

Ziff Law Firm Managing Partner James Reed.

The Ziff Law Firm is honored to be No. 1 in the Star-Gazette’s 2013 “Best of the Twin Tiers” Awards as the region’s top law firm.

We are gratified that our hometown newspaper selected our law firm, out of all the local law firms, as the best Elmira law firm.

Our entire staff is devoted to being the best law firm in the Elmira-Corning area, so it feels so good to have that devotion appreciated.

Mark Twain had a quote that said something like “everyone is an expert 20 miles from home,” meaning that it is easy to appear expert to those who don’t know you, but it is much tougher to BS the people in your own backyard.

We are glad that those in our own backyard recognize our expertise! 🙂

You can read more about what our clients say here. I think our results speak for themselves!

Thanks for your support!


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