Result of a serious automobile accident.

As my clients and regular readers know, I STRONGLY urge EVERY car owner to make sure that they have good uninsured and underinsured coverage on their car insurance policy. This coverage, often referred to as UM or SUM coverage, protects YOU if you have the incredibly bad luck to be hit by another driver who has either no insurance or not enough insurance to cover your expenses. For literally pennies a day you can add UM/SUM coverage to your policy and frankly you are crazy if you don’t have this important coverage. You can get my free book explaining this coverage and telling you how to read your insurance policy in detail by clicking here. It’s a real easy read and you will quickly see why I think this coverage is very important.

But a recent blog post by my friend and fellow accident lawyer, Jim Carroll, gave me even more ammunition for my crusade to make sure everyone has good UM/SUM coverage. In his post, Jim quotes from a Wall Street Journal article Road Risks Rise as More Drivers Drop Insurance:

“More drivers are letting their car insurance lapse because of the sour economy, putting themselves and others at risk.

“The trend is bad news for everybody on the road. If you’re hit by an uninsured motorist, you may have to sue to recover costs, and many uninsured motorists have few assets. You can protect yourself by carrying uninsured-motorist coverage — almost half of states require the added coverage — but this may boost your premium.”

So, the bottom line is that now, more than ever, when people are facing tough financial times and cutting corners on their insurance, means that YOU have to make sure YOU have the right coverage to protect your family.

Thanks for reading,

Jim Reed
NY and PA Accident & Injury Lawyer