Your Legal Rights After a Hotel Accident Injury

With pandemic restrictions easing across the country, more and more people are returning to travel for pleasure and business. As a consequence, hotel occupancy rates are rising. If you are among those taking to the air or road and will be staying in a hotel, the prospect of an injury at such a property may have crossed your mind. Perhaps you or a loved one have been injured in a hotel accident. In any event, you may find yourself with questions about your legal rights if you have an injury in a hotel.

Doctrine of Premises Liability

At the heart of your legal rights following a hotel accident is a legal doctrine known as premises liability. In basic terms, the doctrine of premises liability requires a hotel to maintain its property in a reasonably safe condition for its guests. A hotel need not be perfectly safe on all accounts, only reasonably so. A hotel must maintain its premises with the same level of safety that a similarly situated property would undertake.

If a hotel is aware of a defect or hazard at the premises, it has a legal responsibility to rectify or repair the situation in a timely manner. Moreover, a hotel can be legally liable for a hazard at the property that it technically was not aware existed. Legal responsibility exists in such a situation if a hotel reasonably should have known about the hazard, danger, or defect even if it actually did not have that knowledge.

Most Frequently Occurring Hotel Accidents or Situations That Result in Injury

Accidents and incidents at hotels that result in injury to a guest can take many forms. With that noted, there are certain types of accidents or incidents that occur on hotel properties that result in guest injuries. These include:

• Slip and fall accidents
• Swimming pool accidents
• Broken furniture
• Burns
• Bed bugs
• Food poisoning
• Criminal activity

Areas to Which a Hotel’s Legal Responsibility Extends

The legal responsibility of a hotel with regards to a guest’s injuries is broadly defined in New York, Pennsylvania, and across the United States. Examples of areas under a hotel’s control in which it can be held legally responsible for injuries sustained by guests include:

• Guest rooms
• Hallways
• Lobby
• Stairwells
• Meeting rooms
• Business center
• Swimming pool
• Restaurants
• Fitness center
• Public restrooms
• Grounds around hotel
• Parking lot
• Parking structure
• Other common areas

If you suffered injuries in an accident or incident at a hotel, motel, or resort, the first step in protecting your important legal interests is to schedule an initial consultation with an experienced personal injury lawyer. You can schedule an initial consultation at the Ziff Law Firm by calling (800) 943-3529. There is no cost for an initial consultation and case evaluation with a member of our experienced legal team, so call us today to get started.