This series of articles has been walking you through the complex process of a personal injury claim.  In today’s installment, we discuss what our team of attorneys does for you throughout the duration of your injury case. Although every case is different, there are MANY things we routinely do in assisting our clients, including:

We sit down and discuss the unique facts of your case with you;

We explain how either New York or Pennsylvania law applies to your case;

We explain how attorney’s fees and costs work;

We have you sign the necessary authorizations so that we can get your medical records and employment information;

We obtain a copy of your insurance policy and analyze that policy to determine whether or not you have additional coverages that may apply to your case;

We perform a complete investigation of the events surrounding your case, which may include the hiring of a private investigator or accident reconstructionist;

We interview known witnesses;

We obtain photos of the crash scene and your injuries;

We contact your insurance company to let them know that we will be representing you;

We notify the other driver’s insurance company that we will be representing you and direct that they have no further contact with you and that all further contact be directed to our attention;

We explain the process by which the hospital will submit your medical bills, and how you will submit your lost wage claims to your insurance company;

We enter all of your accident details into our computer system so that important deadlines are not missed;

We analyze the law that applies to your case, including comparative negligence and assumption of risk;

We collect and summarize your medical records and, when appropriate, provide them to the opposing insurance company;

We obtain your employment records and, when appropriate, provide them to the opposing insurance company;

We monitor your medical condition and ask that you frequently update us as your medical condition progresses;

Once your medical condition stabilizes, we contact the opposing insurance company to determine whether or not they are willing to settle the claim before we put it in the suit;

If the insurance company is unwilling to make a fair settlement offer, we file a Complaint in the appropriate court;

We prepare Discovery Demands requiring the opposing insurance company and its attorney to provide information to us;

We respond to Discovery Demands from opposing counsel;

We conduct the depositions of the opposing witnesses and obtain their statements under oath;

We prepare you for and accompany you at your deposition when you are questioned by opposing counsel;

We attend any necessary pretrial conferences in your case;

We prepare your case for trial, which includes several activities such as preparing you and your doctors for trial;

And finally, we take your case to trial with a jury or judge.

This is an overview of how a typical case might progress, but yours could be different because every client’s case is different. 

You never have to walk through this challenging process alone because we are here to protect your rights. The initial consultation and case evaluation is free, so call or email us today to get started.

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