The doctors’ lobbies and the Insurance companies forced to pay malpractice claims have been trying to for years to convince people that there is a medical malpractice crisis. They have been trying to convince the public that doctors are fleeing states without malpractice caps. We have been telling everyone that will listen that this is a bunch of bunk. Now we have proof.

In a recent announcement at the Philadephia College of Physicians, Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell has announced that the medical malpractice crisis is over. In support of this announcement, he cited to the fact that Medical Malpractice insurance rates are going down, as the two largest insurers in Pennsylvania have filed for rate decreases, and one is paying a dividend back to doctors. Governor Rendell also revealed that 57 newly licensed entities are now selling medical malpractice insurance in Pennsylvania. This healthy competition will result in choice and cost savings for doctors. Pennsylvania recently added a requirement that Plaintiff’s attorneys certify that they have had a doctor review the case and that there is a good faith basis to believe malpractice has occurred, which is essentially the same system New York has had for years. In Pennsylvania, this common sense requirement has resulted in a 38% decrease in the number of malpractice claims filed. Contrary to the myths perpetuated by insurance companies and doctors’ organizations, the number of doctors in Pennsylvania continues to rise.

On a similar note, Workers Compensation insurers in Pennsylvania are likely to decrease by some 10% in the coming year.

Governor Rendell’s announcement proves that the doctors’ lobbies and insurance companies have been doing nothing more than fear mongering. I hate to say I told you so, but…

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ZiffLaw Attorney, Esq.