The hilarious seven-minute video above illustrates the nightmare every trial lawyer has encountered at one time or another –  witnesses who are coached by their lawyers to give non-responsive answers so stubborn lawyers like me are left no other alternative than to keep asking the question until we finally get a responsive answer!

In the video, a lawyer is trying to depose a blank-faced witness asks the question that kicks off the confrontation – “Does the Recorder’s office have photocopying machines?” That leads to all sorts of wiggling and dodging by the witness and interference and stalling tactics by his lawyer, all designed to confuse the issue.

The amazing thing is the script for this insanity is from a REAL COURTROOM ENCOUNTER. It was taken verbatim from an Ohio deposition.

You can read more about the case that inspired this insanity, and how one lawyer would have done it differently, by clicking here.

Thanks for watching and reading!


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