Winter Conditions Make Roads More Dangerous

The Twin Tiers was hit with its first major snow storm of the year last night. In an appropriately timed release, Roger Burlew, president of the county Town Highway Superintendents Association, and Andy Avery, director of public works for Chemung County and the City of Elmira issued a press release asking residents to be mindful of impending hazardous road conditions. Automobile accidents and personal injuries occur with increased frequency during the winter months due to hazardous road conditions, though nearly all accidents can be avoided if general precautions are taken by all drivers. The attorneys at Ziff Law wish everyone a hapy and safe holiday season, and hope drivers will take the necssary steps to make sure their actions do not cause or contribute to any roadside emergency situations. Together, we can all make our roads a safe and festive place to be during the holidays.

The advice listed below is sound, and helps remind all of us that wintertime drive can and should be safe, as long as we obey some basic rules of the road:

* Allow sufficient travel time.

* Allow extra distance between vehicles and additional stopping time. Four-wheel drive does not decrease braking distance.

* Match your speed to the road and weather conditions.

* Fully clean off your vehicle before leaving home. Good vision is a key to good driving.

* Be aware of snow plows on the road and give them adequate room to operate. Stay a sufficient distance behind so the operator can see you.

* Obey parking restrictions to promote clearing of snow from roadways. Mail boxes are generally the responsibility of property owners.

* Plowing or shoveling snow into and across roadways is illegal. Remove snow from driveways and sidewalks away from roadways.

* Wait until after the plows go by before shoveling your driveway entrance.

In the event of a winter storm, do not drive unless necessary. If you must travel:

* Make sure your car is stocked with survival gear such as blankets, a shovel, flashlight and extra batteries, extra warm clothing, set of tire chains, battery booster cables, quick energy foods and a brightly colored cloth to use as a distress flag.

* Keep your full to prevent gasoline freeze-up.

* If you have a or two-way radio available for your use, keep the battery charged and keep it with you whenever traveling. If you should become stranded, you will be able to call for help, advising rescuers of your location.

* Make sure someone knows your travel plans.

A more detailed description of the advice offered by President Burlew and Director Avery can be found in today’s edition of the Elmira Star Gazette.

Safe travels, and thanks for reading!

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