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Just days after announcing that it would allow drivers to “self-certify” that their vision is good enough to drive, the New York Department of Motor Vehicles hit the brakes on that policy thanks to the outcry from across the state!

As Jim Reed said a few days ago it was a foolish idea, and I am relieved to see that the state is reversing this dangerous decision!

DMV Commissioner Barbara Fiala announced the reversal on Sept. 30 after residents, law enforcement, medical professionals and county clerks across the state said waiving the eye test in DMV offices is a threat to anyone in a vehicle, on a motorcycle or bicycle, and pedestrians.

The state has formed a panel of health, safety and transportation officials to determine the best way to check drivers’ vision, Fiala told the news media.

“I have asked the medical organizations prominent in the vision health field, AAA New York State and AARP to review the best alternatives for a system that receives more than 2.4 million driver license renewal applications each year,” Fiala said.

On Sept. 26, the DMV announced it was waiving the required in-office test so motorists could renew licenses online. The new policy took effect Sept. 28 and was suspended on Sept. 30.

Since 2000, New York state drivers had to read a line of an eye chart at the DMV as a requirement for a new license or provide medical certification.

Unfortunately, Pennsylvania is one of six states that does not require eye exams!

To read news reports about the reversal, go here and here and here.

How do you think New York state should check drivers’ eyesight? Please comment below and I will share your best ideas with our state lawmakers!

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