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Too often we have folks come in who have had work injuries and their income was unreported. While these folks are still eligible for medical benefits under the Workers’ Comp. Law, they are not eligible for wage payments because they have no reported income.

Unfortunately, if you don’t have wage payments and you can’t afford to take time off work, the medical benefit may be meaningless. Furthermore, you’re out of luck when it comes to a schedule loss of use or any payment under the Workers’ Comp. Law based on wage payments. It gets worse.

By filing a Workers’ Comp. claim you will likely alert the Internal Revenue Service and the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance to the fact that you have income for which you haven’t paid taxes. Absolutely nothing good can come of that!

Additionally, if your income is unreported, you’re giving up not only Workers’ Comp. benefits, but unemployment benefits and Social Security benefits as well. So, if you’re thinking about not reporting your income, please think again. Come back for my next post in which I will discuss honesty and Workers’ Comp. claims.

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