Texting on a keyboard phone

OMG, is it really worth risking your life to send a text message?

Apparently, to some drivers it is. Texting while driving is believed to be a factor in – or even the sole cause of – a growing number of car accidents.

It’s common sense that you shouldn’ t be typing and driving at the same time. That’s why I say kudos to the Schuyler County Legislature for passing a measure that bans text-messaging on the county’s roads. The ban was passed unanimously on Feb. 10.

As a clip from MSN Video, “Car accidents caused by texting on the rise” shows, authorities can be hampered by the lack of laws against texting while driving. Police may realize a driver is texting, but without a specific law against texting, have to wait until the vehicle commits a traffic violation to stop the car.

The Schuyler County ban on texting while driving is a GREAT new law that I think every county, state, the entire nation, should adopt ASAP.

You can’t trust people not to text

In a post on InjuryBoard.com, “Most Americans Want to Ban Texting While Driving,” it was reported that a national poll found 91% of people thought texting while driving was dangerous, but 57% of those polled admitted doing it!

And 66% admitted to not texting exactly, but just reading text messages and e-mails while driving!

Here we have an activity that is obviously dangerous, but people still do it.

It’s convenient. They think “I can handle this.”

When you have a gap between what people know they should do – and what they are actually doing – that’s when to step up and pass a law that adds extra incentive to do the right thing – the safe thing.

The Schuyler County ban calls for a fine of not more than $150 for anyone caught texting while driving.

Thank you to the Schuyler County Legislature for being proactive and progressive. WTG.

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