UPDATE: My friend, Jim Carrol, on his blog www.weknowinjurylaw.com, posted today regarding a settlement by Sears of a class-action lawsuit in which Sears agreed to install anti-tipping safety brackets. Here’s the link to Jim’s post. It’s too bad that it takes a class-action lawsuit for a manufacturer to step up and do the right thing to prevent serious injury/death but I am just glad that fewer kids will be hurt.

Thanks for reading, Jim Reed


Although it sounds unlikely, a tipping stove can be deadly. In fact, last year an Elmira, NY child was killed when an unsecured stove tipped over on top of him. Sadly, this is NOT an isolated event. Every year, many kids die or are seriously hurt by this hazard. And what makes it even more tragic is that it is VERY easy to secure a stove to the wall so that it will not tip over. Just visit your local hardware store and request an “anti-tip bracket” for a stove. I found one online for just a couple bucks (http://store.4appliancerepairparts.com/servlet/-strse-2022/range-oven-stove-anti-dsh-tip/Detail). Better safe than sorry.