It looks like Halloween night in the Twin Tiers will be just like the Halloween nights in scary movies – dark, rainy, windy, and as always, dangerous for children.

That’s why the Ziff Law Firm is giving Twin Tiers parents a quick, easy-to-remember Halloween checklist above before you send your children out into the Halloween darkness.

Keep it handy as the kids get ready to go.

Here are some key points to remember tonight:

  • Don’t let the children eat any candy until a parent has inspected it.
  • Never let children enter a home alone while trick-or-treating.
  • Carry flashlights or glow sticks and be sure the children are visible.
  • Use extra caution crossing streets. Don’t assume drivers are being more vigilant on Halloween.
  • Avoid dark houses. If it’s dark, or there is no porch light on, keep walking.

Thanks for reading and have a SAFE and Happy Halloween.