San Francisco Critical Mass, April 29 2005.Image via Wikipedia

As an avid cyclist for many years, I know all too well the dangers of bicycle riding: dogs, bad pavement, motorists claiming they “didn’t see you”, bad weather, etc. But with the recent spike in gas prices, a lot of folks with very little bicycling experience are starting to hit the road and I worry that many of these new bicyclists may be exposed to the dangers of bicycle accidents. An MSNBC story today, Deadly tension on the roads — cars vs. bikes Accident toll rises as gas-shocked commuters opt for bicycles, highlights this concern.

From my perspective, minimizing the risks of bicycle riding is a responsibility of ALL of us: bicyclists must take adequate precautions, motorists must be on the lookout for bicycles and give them the space they need, urban planners must design roads, paths and erect signs that promote bicycle safety. It stinks that gas prices have gone through the roof but maybe one of the good things to come out of this bad news will be the opportunity for a lot more folks to learn and enjoy the benefits of bicycle riding– better health, less pollution, enjoying the beautiful Upstate NY scenery, etc.

Over the 20+ years I have practiced injury law in NY and PA, I have handled way too many bicycle accident cases and even though representing injured people is what will put my three teenagers through college, nothing would please me more to see a lot less bike accidents.

So, let’s be careful out there! Ride safely!

Thanks for reading,

Jim Reed
NY & PA Bicycle Accident Attorney