Before you get too deep into reading the scary truth about hospital cover-ups of medical mistakes in New York City , I want you to know this isn’t something that just happens in other places. I have been practicing personal injury and malpractice law in Elmira for more than 20 years. Lest anyone think this doesn’t happen in our neck of the woods, I want you to know I have personally handled two medical malpractice actions in which records were intentionally altered in an effort to conceal clear medical mistakes.

Months of investigation led to the recent expose by the New York Daily News, “Hospital Horror Coverups.” The newspaper discovered that staff at New York City hospitals were routinely altering medical records to cover up evidence of medical errors. In just four years, the state had issued 517 citations to city hospitals. Doctors, nurses and support staff were in on the cover-ups, falsifying medical records to hide mistakes.

Just think, state citations are issued when there is enough evidence to cite a hospital or staff. With cover-ups going on, how many cases do you think slipped by?

The Daily News also found that in many cases, patients were not notified of medical errors OR that their cases had inspired state citations.

It is unfortunate, but not every medical professional is considering the best needs of patients at all times. That’s one of the reasons I do what I do – to get to the truth, uncover medical mistakes and make things right.

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