rental-car-on-beachIt doesn’t hurt to have a good friend who’s also an insurance expert! Recently, my buddy Peter Wallin of Wallin Insurance (, sent me a copy of his newsletter. He had taken his family on a trip to Florida and the experience sparked the idea of writing about the dos and don’ts of rental car insurance. Here is his advice:

Rental Car Insurance

You rent a car while on vacation. As you get to the rental agency counter at the airport they ask you the dreaded question: “Do you want to buy accident insurance for this rental car? It’s only $14.95 per day.”

Well, here’s your answer, right from your local insurance agent – NO! You do not need to buy the extra insurance.

If the rental contract does not exceed 30 days and the rental car will not be driven out of the United States and/or Canada, then the extra “collision damage waiver” and the “liability” does not need to be purchased from the rental company.

When you have a New York personal auto policy you automatically receive rental car protection.

This is not typical of insurance policies issued in other states, which is why the rental company in Florida may attempt to convince you that you need the extra protection. When in doubt, call our agency before you reserve your next rental car. Give us the details of the trip you have planned and we’ll help you determine whether you need the extra insurance before you pick up the car.

Go ahead – you have my permission to spend the cost savings on some extra fun instead of extra insurance!

Peter Wallin

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Thanks for reading, Jim

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