People often ask me, “Should I hire a local attorney?” There’s a temptation to hire an attorney based on advertising, even though that lawyer may be in a distant city.

My response is that I am strongly of the opinion that hiring a local attorney is almost always better – IF there is a good local attorney experienced with your type of case.

Why do I think this? Let me count the ways…

Local attorneys:

  1. Are much more convenient to meet.

  2. Know local judges and lawyers.

  3. Are familiar with local court personnel and the quirks of getting things done in local courts.

  4. Know the insurance adjusters who handle cases in your area.

  5. Are familiar with area doctors and their medical staff – from whom cooperation is really important.

  6. Know the local police and investigators who can be crucial to an accident investigation.

  7. Understand the local roads, the local bars and the local witnesses. They frequently have general background information that can assist them in understanding your case.

  8. Are NOT “in cahoots” with opposing counsel or insurance adjusters. I am in business to get as much money for my clients as possible. By doing so, I maximize my attorney fee.

I feel my knowledge of my local opponents (and their knowledge of me) helps me do BETTER for my clients. I know who can be trusted, and who shouldn’t be. In other words, the local knowledge HELPS.

This post is not meant to suggest that you should ALWAYS use a local attorney. There are some circumstances when you need an attorney from outside of your area.

To review my pointers on when and why you might have to seek an attorney from beyond your region, you need to read my book, “Learn the Five Deadly Mistakes that can KILL Your Accident Case!” (it’s FREE for New York or Pennsylvania car accident victims). There are two types of cases in which your best interests might be served by a distant lawyer. Even in those cases, however, your hometown lawyers may be of help in finding the best representation for you.

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