The most common type of accident case we handle at the Ziff Law Firm is the rear-end collision. These accidents usually occur because the driver who causes the accident is either not paying proper attention (i.e. talking on their cell phone, adjusting the radio, doing their nails—no kidding!) or unsafe driving (i.e. going too fast, following too closely).

Just yesterday, there was a bad accident in Horseheads because a Lowe’s truck driver was following another car too closely. WETM-TV covered the accident with a televised and an online story: “Tailgater Causes Multi-Car Crash on I-86.” Follow the link to read the story or check out the text included below.

As a New York personal injury attorney for more than 20 years I have handled more than my share of these cases. Rear-end collisions are tough on those not to blame – I mean what safe recourse do you have to stop someone from following you too closely? You can tap your brakes, which just seems to egg on some tailgaters, you can let them pass or speed up yourself. It doesn’t seem fair that you should have to compromise your safe driving habits because someone else is acting recklessly – and you shouldn’t. All you can to is take yourself out of the situation when it’s safe to do so – like letting an antsy driver pass you.

Thankfully, no-one was hurt in this I-86 accident. But to top off the aggravation of this incident, the Lowe’s driver was driving with a suspended license! You might think that a clean license would be a requisite for the job!

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Tailgater Causes Multi-Car Crash on I-86

Reported by: Meagan Kolkmann


Last Update: 5/17 12:39 pm

HORSEHEADS- A tailgater created a big mess for commuters on I-86 West this morning.

Around 9 a.m., a three-car crash brought traffic to a near standstill.

Cars were back up for about an hour while police and emergency crews worked to clear the road.

State police say it all started when a Lowe’s truck was following a Volkswagen in front of it too closely.

When the truck crashed into the back of the Volkswagen it sparked a chain reaction.

That’s when an R.V. smashed into the back of the truck.

Luckily nobody was injured in the crash.

State police say the driver of the Lowes truck was driving with a suspended license.