A female driver was hospitalized Wednesday evening after state troopers said her vehicle was struck head-on by a male drunken driver as she drove out of a roundabout at Old Ithaca Road and state Route 13 in Horseheads. The crash is a reminder that holiday parties will soon be under way, and if you plan to attend a party and drink alcohol, DON’T DRIVE.

If you are going to be drinking this holiday season and you plan to get behind the wheel of a vehicle, STOP. There are many safe and responsible choices, including: Select a designated driver. Call a sober friend or family member or a local cab company. Text Uber or Lyft. Walk. Stay where you are until the next morning. Accept any option except getting behind the wheel of a car. No, you are NOT sober enough to drive home.

On Wednesday night, troopers said the unidentified woman suffered face and hand injuries when her airbags deployed in the 6:15 p.m. crash. She was transported to Guthrie Corning Hospital in East Corning for treatment.

The male driver was charged with driving while intoxicated and released on his own recognizance, according to local news reports.

Troopers have not identified either driver.

Roundabouts can be dangerous for drivers, especially when drunken drivers are barreling through them.. Read our roundabout safety tips about safely navigating the increasingly popular traffic patterns.

Keep our roadways safe this holiday season.

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