Own a car in Pennsylvania? Pay a lot of money every year for insurance coverage? Think your auto insurance policy provides coverage for your funeral expenses should you be killed in an accident? Better think again…..

WETM-TV covered a story (copied below) that is relevant to all of our friends in Pennsylvania– You REALLY need to carefully review your auto insurance to make sure it provides the insurance coverage that you think it does.

Most of us like dealing with our auto insurance about as much as we like getting a tooth pulled but the bottom line is that you are paying a lot of money every year for car insurance so better make darn sure you are getting what you paid for.

Reviewing your insurance policy isn’t nearly as hard as you might think. Most of the important information is contained on 1-2 pages of your policy called the Declaration Sheet– this is the page that tells the types of coverage you have and how much of an insurance premium you are paying for each coverage. Go down through that sheet (preferably with your insurance agent’s help) and make sure you know exactly what each of the coverages pays for. If you are not sure you understand the coverage, don’t be shy about asking your agent to explain it to you. Most good agents are happy to explain the policy and they understand that is part of their job if they want to sell you your insurance. If your agent is unwilling to or gives you a hard time about explaining your policy, then it’s time to go get a new agent…..

You owe it to yourself and your family to make sure your hard-earned money is buying the protection you need.

Good luck!

Jim Reed
Pennsylvania Car Accident Lawyer

Death Benefits Not Mandatory for PA Car Insurance
Reported by: Naveen Dhaliwal
Email: ndhaliwal@wetmtv.com

ATHENS, PA – All of you who own a car and have full insurance coverage assume you’re covered for the worst possible scenario.

When we get into our car and get ready to drive away, you don’t really think if your car insurance covers you if you get into a fatal accident.

The Mullen family in Athens found out the hard way. Missy Mullen’s daughter Stephanie Mullen was killed in a car accident on State Route 4014 in Smithfield Township a month ago.

Missy Mullen says Stephanie’s car insurance policy did not have death benefits.

“I just want people to be more aware of their insurance coverage so maybe they don’t have to go through something like this,” says Mullen.

“Everybody we have talked to has looked into their policies and there were several who found out they didn’t have that coverage so they have changed their policies to cover that,” says Clarissa Galasso.

The $5,000 cost for Stephanie’s funeral was paid for by family and friends. Stephanie was cremated and right now her ashes lay in a box on her bed at home. Her family still needs another $2,500 for the burial.

A benefit this is being held to help the Mullen family with burial costs. It will be this Saturday at the East Smithfield Fire Hall from 4pm to 8pm. If you aren’t able to make and would like to help, you can send donations to Clarissa Galasso P.O. Box 92, East Smithfield, PA, 18817.

In New York State most policies carry death benefits. However, in Pennsylvania only liability and medical is required.