laptop-in-a-patrol-carI just heard about another way technology is making the Twin Tiers a safer place to live. WETM-TV reported on a new feature for Chemung County patrol cars: Internet access.

Thanks to a $225,ooo state grant from the Department of Homeland Security, the Chemung County Sheriff’s Department was able to purchase 22 Verizon Wireless network cards. Officers on patrol can use the cards in their laptops to connect to the Internet wherever there’s a Verizon signal.

All the deputies have to do is slide the cards into their laptops and they could connect to the main server at the sheriff’s office.

This is going to a real boon to officers on duty, County Sheriff Chris Moss explained. Sheriff’s deputies will be able to patrol our neighborhoods for longer periods of time. Along with license checks and blotter entries, they can now do much of their paperwork right in the car.

Testing of the system was during May. Soon all the police departments in Elmira, West Elmira, Elmira Heights and Horseheads will have the same technology.

Making more new connections

Here at the Ziff Law Firm, we too invest heavily in the latest, greatest technology so as to provide the best service possible to our clients. A few years ago I implemented a “paperless” office (clutter-free and ecological). Many of the Ziff attorneys contribute to blogs like this one, and/or our online FAQs. We use e-newsletters to offer more information and special offers. The firm even has its own Ziff Law Facebook page (you should check it out)!

It’s not always easy or cheap to put new technology to use. You have to learn new skills and spend money. I applaud the increased use of high technology to improve local services – especially when it comes to the best ways to share information securely and quickly. It’s going to make our neighborhoods safer and take some stress off of our police officers.

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