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We have seen so many Ziff Law clients – and countless others in the Twin Tiers – face severe hardships when they don’t have enough car insurance to protect themselves and their families in case they are involved in a crash.

That‘s why we are encouraging people to send us their insurance information – so we can evaluate your coverage and tell you whether you are protected. This is a free service of the Ziff Law Firm.

We don’t get paid by the insurance companies and we don’t share your insurance information with anyone. It’s all free and confidential. We do this as a community service for our friends and neighbors in the Twin Tiers.

We have even sweetened the deal this month to help us kick off this free service: How would you like an all-expenses-paid, overnight stay at the Watkins Glen Harbor Hotel on Seneca Lake?

Everyone who emails us at info@zifflaw.com with their insurance information by midnight on Sunday, Sept. 15, will be entered in a drawing for one free night at the fantastic hotel overlooking Seneca Lake. We will select the winner on Sept. 18th and announce the winner on our Facebook page!

See our video announcement about the contest here.

Here is an example of how our free insurance review by Attorney Jim Reed protected a Twin Tiers resident:

I have a friend in the local bicycling community who had me review his car insurance policy. I saw that he only had the New York State-minimum Supplemental Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist (SUM) coverage of $25,000.

I recommended he increase this coverage to $300,000.  His annual premium increase was just $22 a year (less than $2 a month!) more for the 1,200 percent increase in coverage. 

Unfortunately, later he was seriously hurt while riding his bike by a driver who only had $25,000 of liability coverage.

Because of his increased SUM limits, I was able to force his insurance carrier to pay $275,000 under the SUM coverage.

Not a bad investment to pay $22 to be able to recover $275,000!

We understand that people want to spend as little as possible on insurance. But if you have inadequate insurance, you are leaving yourself open to major hardships.

Car insurance is there to protect you and your loved ones in case you have a crash and your medical bills start mounting and you’re out of work recovering. In some cases, our under-insured clients have been in crashes with other under-insured or uninsured drivers, leaving our clients with nowhere to turn to help them recover from their staggering medical bills and lost time at work.

Please email us a copy of your current insurance policy today to info@zifflaw.com and we will review your policy at no charge and tell you whether we recommend that you add more protection. In our responses, we will briefly explain our recommendations.

It’s that easy and it will only take you a few minutes to send it to us. If you have questions, call us during business hours at 607-733-8866 or 1-800-ZIFFLAW (800-943-3529) or email us with your questions any time at info@zifflaw.com and we will respond as soon as possible.

Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

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