Christina Sonsire has a simple goal with her weekly Counsel’s Corner TV segments: help viewers make sense of what’s happening in the fast-paced world of news from a legal perspective.

Christina, a respected medical malpractice attorney and partner with the Ziff Law Firm, looks forward to her appearances on Monday’s WENY-TV news at noon, in part, because she often learns as much as viewers do.

“Preparing for the segments is a great opportunity to dig deeper into some of the hottest issues and problems facing our community and nation,” she said. “It’s interesting to research a topic and learn both sides without necessarily being asked to form an opinion.”

One issue Christina knows a lot about is medical malpractice and what it takes to handle those complicated cases. In one recent segment, she talked about the challenging – and often-misunderstood – process, which usually involves consulting with expert medical doctors in many different fields.

“What makes medical malpractice cases so tricky is that the rules are not black and white. Medical experts can look at the same set of facts and come down with very different opinions as to the standard of care.”

She’s also talked about more consumer-friendly topics such as car insurance, reminding viewers that it’s important to have a robust enough policy to protect themselves and their families in case there is a crash.

“When I meet with clients, regardless of whether it is a car crash case, I always ask about the kind of insurance coverage they have because most people are not aware of the importance of SUM coverage,” Christina said of drivers’ Supplementary Uninsured Motorist part of their policy. “This is coverage you place on your own vehicle to protect you and your family members if someone hits your vehicle.”

And she’s talked about some of the hottest issues of the day: new election laws in New York state, the status of opioid litigation in the United States and the widespread implications of a recent verdict in Oklahoma, as well as the lack of e-cigarette regulation, calling it a “classic example of when technology outpaces the law.”

“What is striking is how far technology is outpacing the law in so many issues, she said. “Our society has changed dramatically just in the last 20 years because of technology, and as a lawyer, I know firsthand how frustratingly slow things change in the legal profession.”

You can see Christina’s past segments here.

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