Attorney Jim Reed recently posted a very informative blog about school-sports injuries at “NY Accident Lawyer Explains Why He Probably Won’t Take Your School Sports Injury Case.”  However, if you’re injured while participating in work-related athletic activity you may very well have a Workers’ Compensation case.


You might have a Workers’ Comp case if you’re injured when the employer required you to participate in the athletic activity, the employer compensated you for participating in the activity or the employer otherwise sponsors the activity.

I’m certainly not interested in discouraging employers from sponsoring athletic activity.  I am encouraging employers to keep safety in mind.  For example, some time ago the folks at the Ziff Law Firm got together for some firm sponsored paintball.  Anyone who knows anything about paintball will tell you that you can, and often will, get injured playing paintball.  Beyond that, given the competitive nature of folks at this firm, permanent disabilities were likely.  I encouraged Jim Reed, the firm’s managing partner, to make sure good safety equipment was available and used.  I’m happy to report that no employees of the Ziff Law Firm were seriously physically injured :  )

If you’re injured while participating in work-related athletic activity, protect yourself and talk to an attorney.

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