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If you’re a partially disabled Workers’ Compensation claimant, you have an obligation to make a good faith effort to look for work within your restrictions. The purpose of this post is to share some points of advise we give our clients. For background, see my post “NY Workers’ Comp and Labor Market Attachment.”

  • As soon as you go from totally to partially disabled, tell your employer that you’re available for light duty work within your restrictions. If your employer doesn’t have light duty for you, sign up for unemployment and look for work. See my post “NY Workers’ Comp and Unemployment Benefits,” for details on being on Workers’ Comp and receiving unemployment.
  • Apply for at least 2 or 3 jobs per week and keep a log of your job search. Write down the date, the name of the company, who you spoke with, and whether or not you submitted an application. It’s a good idea to make and keep a copy of the application. Apply for jobs online and print and keep a copy of the online applications.
  • Sign up with a temporary employment agency.
  • Remember that it doesn’t matter if no one will hire you with your restrictions. The point is that you have to make a good faith effort to look for work.
  • Contact the rehabilitation staff of the Workers’ Comp. Board.
  • If you’re a union member, it’s a good idea to check in with your union representative at least once a week to see if they have any work available within your restrictions. Your contract will likely prohibit your taking other work in your trade; however, you must remember that you have an obligation to look for work within your restrictions whether or not it’s within your trade.

Do these things and you won’t have any problems with labor market attachment.

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