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In New York state, a driver caught texting while on the road is subject to a maximum $150 fine and an $85 surcharge. That’s only $235 total for a an action that has been proven to extremely dangerous and often deadly. I think so a low penalty is ridiculous and much tougher laws should be implemented to discourage this deadly practice.

According to a Car and Driver study, texting is more of an impairment to some drivers than being legally drunk. Maybe that’s because people correctly view drinking and driving as wrong. But when it comes to texting and driving, they are not as outraged.

The fine system we currently have in New York state is not enough of a deterrent or punishment. It doesn’t send a strong message about how risky this behavior is. This is all part of just what I argued on a recent “Law Talk” segment on WETM-TV 18 here in Elmira.

Every Wednesday at noon, a Ziff Law attorney – ZiffLaw Attorney, Christina Bruner Sonsire, or myself – discuss important legal issues with a member of the WETM News Team. Our hope is that “Law Talk” is compelling – and I think my recent segment about Distracted Driving was one of our best ever.

I’m currently handling two injury cases related to distracted driving. I also keep thinking about the 2007 deaths of FIVE young girls from the Rochester suburb of Fairport.

This “Law Talk” video segment, “Distracted Drivers,” features some graphic images from an accident caused by distracted driving. I believe that the real, graphic images of the carnage caused by this reckless habit are an effective way to get across the message – DON’T TEXT AND DRIVE.

I also think showing the real aftermath of an accident will help wake voters up to what they need to ask of New York state’s lawmakers: Make the penalties stronger for distracted driving. Send the message that you are putting peoples lives – including your own – at risk when you do it.

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