A recent report by the NY State Department of Health found that New York hospitals had a higher rate of infection in surgical intensive care units in 2007 than the rest of the nation. Compared to the national average of 2.7 infections per 1,000 days of central-line treatment, New York surgical intensive care units had 3.7 per 1,000. A central line is a tube into a major vein that allows doctors to administer medication or monitor a health condition.

While a central line is very important treatment tool utilized by doctors, inserting a central line can result in infections if proper sterile techniques are not utilized.

The report on hospital acquired infections was conducted by the NY State Department of Health in compliance with a 2005 law that required the state to track statewide infection trends.

On a much better note, New York had a lower rate of central-line infections in pediatric and coronary intensive care units than the rest of the country.

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