A visitor to the Finger Lakes region was killed in a tragic jet-ski accident recently. This is sad news to read about after a beautiful holiday weekend.

Can you imagine a friend or family member going on a fun trip to a tourist destination – and suffering a fatal accident while they were enjoying themselves? It would be devastating.

WETM-TV reported on the accident. Here’s a link to the story “Lake Accident Fatal,” also pasted in its entirety below.

As a personal injury attorney with more than 20 years of experience – and particular experience handling boating accident cases on a number of the Finger Lakes – I wanted to take a moment and emphasize why it’s so easy to be seriously or fatally injured in a simple accident on the water. The Ziff Law Firm has devoted a practice emphasis in boating accident cases.

Jet skis look like great fun, and don’t they seem safer than riding a bike or motorcycle? After all, you have the whole lake to spread out and water to cushion your fall. WRONG. It’s a fallacy to think that way – water can have an unforgiving impact.

Water is not a soft landing at high speed – hitting it can be like hitting concrete. And even held afloat by a life jacket, an unconscious person can be knocked face down and deprived of oxygen.

Not only do you have to worry about impact with the water but you also have to worry about impact with other objects like other jet skis, boats, docks, debris in the water, etc.  Please keep your eyes peeled and use the utmost caution when using a jet ski. Warn teens and kids, who frequently get caught up in the exhilaration of speed, of the dangers too.

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Lake Accident Fatal

(Sofia Ojeda, 7/05)

Tyrone, N.Y.- A man is dead Monday after 2 jet skis collided on Waneta Lake over the weekend.
Schuyler County Sheriff’s deputies say 43-year-old Lee Brandt of Wisconsin was on a jet ski with friends Sunday.
He was operating it along the East shore towards the North end of the lake.
Police say Brandt was riding his jet ski closely to another one.
That’s when he turned in front of the second jet ski and collided.
Brandt was struck suffering fatal injuries.
No other injuries were reported.