A car crash took place in the Market Street storefront of the Orchestra of the Southern Finger Lakes this morning. Photo courtesy of the Elmira Star-Gazette.

As an accident attorney, I have become accustomed to seeing a wide range of accident scenes and scenarios. Today, however, I was nevertheless surprised to hear about a car crashing through a Market Street storefront.

86-year-old Rosario Miller crashed his car into the storefront of the Orchestra of the Southern Finger Lakes. Luckily, neither the female passenger in the car nor the four employees working inside the office at the time were injured. Mr. Miller was taken to various local hospitals for treatment, and our thoughts and prayers are certainly with him.

What struck me most about this story- and, judging from the readers’ comments on the story in the Elmira Star-Gazette and the Corning Leader- was how such an accident can occur in a time and place when we least expect it. As trite and cliché as that sounds, 10:30 A.M. on Valentine’s Day on a popular street known for pedestrian traffic and quaint storefronts, is a startling reminder of the abrupt and shattering nature of accident scenes.

Hopefully, this story will serve as a reminder to stay alert both on the roads and while walking on sidewalks. Who knows? You could be strolling along Market Street, focusing simply on finding a card on Valentine’s Day, and an accident could occur right in front of you!

Hope everyone is having an enjoyable- and safe- Valentine’s Day!


Thanks, Christina

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