Route 64 signPeople often ask me if they can bring a claim for their injuries against the driver of a vehicle in which they are riding.  The short answer is:  Yes, if it can be shown that the driver was at fault in causing the collision.

Combine bad driving with a dangerous road – and you get a serious accident in Big Flats, NY.

A bad accident in the news highlights the dangers of Chemung County’s Route 64 – “Four People Sent to Hospital After Accident” recently reported at I pasted the full story below.

I hate to say I told you so, but this recaps some information I wrote about in the post “Rural Roads Pose Greatest Danger to Drivers” when I wrote about some of the most dangerous roads in our region.

Chemung County’s Route 64 was one of the risky roads I specifically addressed – it’s a country road that has taken on the heavy traffic of two or three major shopping centers, car dealerships, popular restaurants, businesses, organizations and more.

This accident also highlights the dangers that occur when drivers decide to take unsafe left turns without making sure that there is not oncoming cars that have the right of way.

The reporting on this accident makes it appear that the 68-year-old driver, Gisele Maurer,  made a dangerous (and unlawful!) left turn that caused this horrible collision. The accident badly injured her passengers.

If the news accounts of how this collision occurred are accurate, it would appear that Ms. Maurer’s injured passengers would have a valid claim against Ms. Maurer due to her negligent operation of her car, negligence which caused the accident and hence their injuries.

Of course, the driver of the pickup, Devaron Davis of Elmira, NY, whom Maurer turned in front of, would also have a valid claim if he was injured in this collision.



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“Four People Sent to the Hospital After Accident on County Route 64”

Reported by: Stacey Minchin (

Published: 12/28 6:56 pm

A two-car accident on County Route 64 sends four people to the hospital.

The Chemung County Sheriffs Office says around 1 p.m. Monday afternoon, 40-year-old Devaron Davis of Elmira, was driving a pick-up truck west on County Route 64.

The other driver, 68-year-old Gisele Maurer of Corning, went to make a left-hand turn at the intersection with Commerce Center Road and turned in front of the oncoming truck.

The impact of the crash, caused the Altima to hit a Dodge Caravan driven by 40-year old Michaela Baker of Addison. She had been stopped at a light in the exit lane off of Route 17.

All four passengers in Maurer’s car were taken to Arnot Ogden Medical Center.

Both Davis and Maurer’s vehicles were towed from the scene.

Baker’s car did not receive any damage.

The accident is still under investigation.

Rural Roads Pose Greatest Danger to DriversRural Roads Pose Greatest Danger to Drivers