Batteryless FlashlightFor the next 30 days, in the spirit of Trick or Treat and good fun, the Ziff Law Firm will send a batteryless flashlight to any New York resident who can post as a comment to this blogpost, an original good reason why a represented Workers’ Compensation claimant should talk to any representative of the insurance company.

The flashlight is pictured in this post. It doesn’t require batteries and don’t ask me how it works. It’s approximately the size of a business card, but gives off a surprising amount of light.

My 5th Commandment of Comp is: Do not talk with insurance company claim representatives or investigators. Inform them that you’re represented and let your attorney talk to them. I said that in my “10 Commandments of Workers’ Comp” and I stand by that statement.

I issue this challenge in the spirit of good fun and I promise to use good faith in deciding whether or not an answer qualifies for a flashlight. As I said, to qualifiy the answers have to be posted as original comments to this blogpost.

By the way, I didn’t talk to my managing attorney about this so I reserve the right to withdraw this offer if he pitches a fit. I don’t expect to send out a single flashlight, but I look forward to any and all comments.

Good luck and thanks for reading,

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