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The bad news is that over 100,000 Harley Davidson motorcycles are being recalled.  The good news is that H-D chose to issue the recall before things get out of hand.  According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 111,569 2009 and 2010 Harley Davidson touring bikes, including CVO Touring and Trike products, were manufactured with faulty gas tank mounts.  When these bikes are involved in a front end collision these faulty mounts can distort, allowing gas to leak out of the tank.  Gasoline and hot engines are obviously a bad combination.

Harley Davidson will be installing extra bracing on the affected tanks to hopefully eliminate the risk of gas leaks and fire.  The fix will be free of charge, and will begin December 14, 2009.  Any affected Harley Davidson owners should call 414-343-4056 for further details and information, or see your local Harley Davidson dealer.

Its is not known what prompted this recall, and the NHTSA refuses to say how many reports of gas leaks or fires they have received.  Harley Davidson claims it has no knowledge of any incidents or injuries related to the faulty gas tank mounts, but decided to issue the voluntary recall in the interest of customer satisfaction.

While something obviously smells here, the important thing is that H-D is doing the right thing by fixing the bikes.

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