FALLACY #2 – Motorcycle Insurance is Confusing – Get Your FREE Motorcycle Insurance Review!

A second reason people sometimes believe they have the right insurance is because insurance is so darn confusing! I deal with insurance and insurance companies every day. I actually read those big fat insurance contracts your insurance company sends you every six months. I make a living fighting with insurance companies and making them live up to their promises, so I HAVE to read those policies. You don’t have to, and probably never have. I don’t know anyone other than contract lawyers who enjoy reading 75 page contracts, so I don’t blame you a bit. Insurance is confusing, but it isn’t rocket science. Your insurance company could write those contracts in a way everyone could easily understand if they wanted to, but the truth is they don’t WANT you to understand those contracts. They don’t want you to understand their obligations to you. They don’t want you to question what they are doing. Insurance companies only want one thing from you; a check every month.

The truth is that someone who knows what they are looking for can tell you whether your coverage is appropriate in about 15 seconds. The first page of the thick renewal packet the insurance company sends you every year is what is called a declaration page, which gives you a thumbnail view of your insurance limits. For a limited time, I am offering a FREE INSURANCE REVIEW! Send me a copy of your motorcycle insurance declaration page by fax or e-mail, and I will explain to you what your policy covers, and what it doesn’t, and also recommend coverage amounts you should consider to make sure you are protected in the event of a motorcycle collision.

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