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FALLACY #1 Bikers Think They Already HAVE The Right Insurance

The problem isn’t that people don’t care enough to buy the right kind of insurance. And the problem certainly isn’t that people can’t afford the right kind of insurance, as will be discussed below. The problem is that people THINK they DO have the right kind of insurance when in fact they do NOT!

People often think they have great insurance (when in reality it isn’t nearly enough) because there are a lot of misconceptions about motorcycle insurance. I have heard these same misconceptions over and over again from people of varying ages and varying income levels. I don’t know how these misconceptions became so well rooted in the motorcycle community, but the most common ones will be exposed in this series.

This post is the first in an eight-part series on topics covered in my book, “Would You Ride Your Motorcycle Naked?” It is available FREE to New York and Pennsylvania bikers, and to those whose loved ones are bikers. Click the link above to get your free copy now, before it is too late!

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