It’s been big news in the Twin Tiers: landmark Corning eatery Sorge’s suffered a devastating fire in December.

There are plans to rebuild, but issues have come up in the aftermath of the fire that are important lessons to everyone who depends on insurance to come to the rescue after an accident. And who doesn’t fit that description?

In a recent story, “Sorge’s Restaurant was ‘Under-Insured,”‘Owner Says,” WETM reported that Mike Sorge wished he would have re-evaluated his insurance policy before the flames broke out. Sorge found that the “replacement cost” policy he had won’t cover the costs of restoring the restaurant.

Sorge’s learned the hard way – having the wrong insurance or not enough of the right insurance can cost you A LOT of money. Lots more than you would have paid in premiums to have the RIGHT coverage.

I am no expert on fire insurance, but I have learned a lot about auto insurance in my more than 22 years of handling car accident cases. That’s why I wrote a small, but informative book about car insurance coverage that EVERY New York resident should have. If you are from New York state, you NEED a copy of “Learn the Five Secrets to Buying Auto Insurance.” Click on the title to follow a link to your FREE copy.insurance_book

What you can learn from my New York auto insurance book:

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Mike Sorge is sharing his hard-earned knowledge with other small-business owners in a series of Disaster Preparation workshops. When you know something from experience, that isn’t common knowledge and can help people, you want to share it. Take advantage of what I’ve learned through the years by getting your free copy of my book.

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